Class Actions

“Further, experienced class counsel believe that the results achieved by the settlement are fair and reasonable. Mr. O’Brien . . . believes the settlement is an excellent result, which provides Settlement claimants with greater than full compensation for their purchases with little to no burden, has symbolic value, and serves the general goals of the false advertising statutes. Mr. O’Brien [is] experienced in consumer class action litigation and he is well-equipped to evaluate the settlement.”

Johnson v. General Mills, Inc., No.: SACV 10-00061-CJC(ANx), 2013 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 90338, at *1 (C.D. Cal. June 17, 2013)

Cullin O’Brien has litigated class action cases in over a dozen federal and state courts across the United States. Some notable cases include:

    • Stevenson et al v. P.T.G. Entertainment, Inc., et al., No.: 15-cv-61792 (S.D. Fla. Oct. 27, 2016) (Class Counsel in $1 Million Class Settlement for Workers at Entertainment Club)
    • In re Gardner Denver, Inc. Shareholder Litigation, No. 8505-VCN (Del. Ch. 2014) ($29 million shareholder settlement regarding corporate merger)


    • In re American Greetings Corp. Shareholder Litigation, Lead Case No. CV 12 792421 (Ohio Ct. Common Pleas Cuyahoga Cnty., 2013) (shareholder settlement resulting in $23 million in additional merger consideration)


    • In re Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. Shareholder Litigation, No. 16-2011-CA-010616 (Fla. Cir. Ct. 4th Jud. Cir., Duval, Cnty 2014) (shareholder settlement regarding challenge to corporate merger resulting in agreement to provide $11.85 million in total outlay)


    • Johnson v. General Mills, No.: SACV 10-00061-CJC(ANx), 2013 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 90338, at *1 (C.D. Cal. June 17, 2013) ($8.5 million settlement of alleged false advertising of yogurt products)


    • In re Compellent Techs. S’holder Litig., C.A. No. 6084–VCL, 2011 WL 6382523, at *1 (Del. Ch. Dec. 9, 2011) (shareholder settlement altering novel deal protection measures in corporate sale)


    • Smith v. Wrigley, 663 F. Supp. 1336 (S.D. Fla. 2009) (defeated motion to dismiss novel false advertising claims regarding chewing gum, and the case later settled for a fund of up to $7 million)
    • Defeated motions to dismiss novel contract claims regarding appliance installation. Kaiser-Flores v. Lowe’s, No. 5:08cv45, 2009 WL 4724243, at *1 (W.D.N.C. Dec. 2, 2009); Frankle v. Best Buy, 609 F. Supp. 2d 841 (D. Minn. 2009)

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